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December 9, 2022

Dear Investors,

It’s late on a Friday, but I want to officially welcome you back to the ONE ROQ Journey.

ONE ROQ’s Offering III (Reservation mode) is off to an impressive start with over $200k committed in our first week from just 5% of our total investor community. 

That is to say, 95% of our community appears to be on “snooze.”

Of course, I hope what I am about to share wakes up a great number of you that are out there, particularly a sales plan that we are anxious to deploy that will materialize value for investors in 2023, should it be funded.

Some quick facts after 7 days live with Offering III (TW)

  • Our $200k of investment reservations has already decimated (again) the industry’s 12-month average crowdfunding raise amount of $28,000 – and that’s data taken from over 6 million campaigns last year. 
  • Related, ONE ROQ has become a top-funded wine & spirits company using equity crowdfunding, thanks to you. This is a huge accomplishment, and an asset that we should harness. 

However, just imagine what ONE ROQ could do if 100% of us rose to the occasion, pitching into our past campaigns, or enrolled in our subscription for $18 a month as a customer?

The answer: we would be flush with cash, delivering on the features and benefits we promise through the Club every week, hitting marketing opportunities out of the park, and throwing member events quarterly.

Finally, I believe we would likely be at least 12 months ahead of our plan to sell ONE ROQ to an industry player,  or create a listing on a public exchange so investors could freely trade. 

Thankfully, one more time, a New Offering is open, and we hope you consider rallying to jettison us into what is now the most critical transition in the Company’s startup history: sales & growth.

I realize the past two years have brought unpredictable changes to all of us – externally and philosophically. But, as the world reorganizes itself and attempts to get back to a “new normal,” some things remain unchanged.

For example, the world is still drinking, and in record numbers. The adult beverage industry generated 1.4 Trillion in 2021 with a quarter of the world’s drinkers now buying their alcohol online; a market expected to grow 65% by 2025, according to Forbes.

This is why we’re betting the house on developing an exclusive – and first of its kind – membership club that unlocks buying advantages on over 2000 wine & spirits delivered direct to your door; 1000s of fine dining and travel rewards (via upgrade), and investment opportunities that allows every day drinkers to have real skin in the game. All of this authored by a single luxury brand: ONE ROQ.

Despite broad industry supply chain disruptions in 2022 that created holdings patterns in our business, I am proud of how our team has managed to use resources and time to stay focused on our objective of developing the platform that we believe drinkers, gifters, entertainers and jetsetters are going to find exciting and valuable for their modern home shopping & gifting needs.


In 2022, there will be no greater achievement than the ground-up technology integration of Marketplace, bringing online thousands of products from liquor &  grocery store inventories across the US.  Marketplace increases our addressable market (and potential future market value) 20-fold, provides a strategic vehicle to market our own products, and justifies a monthly membership that will unlock savings across a universe of premium products, and value-added rewards.

A recent release announcing Marketplace was published last week by Yahoo FinanceBloomberg, and Business Insider I recommend sharing with friends.

Membership. How Does It Work, and Why This is Our Approach

Ecommerce alcohol is a new frontier in an industry stuck in old ways – and venture capitalists know it. That’s why  millions  have been poured into alcohol technology platforms the past 5 years and some have already successfully exited.  But here’s a problem no one is solving yet: the cost of shipping & tax on alcohol is expensive, anywhere from $25 to $40/bottle, and no one has figured out how to extinguish it, and bring prices down to competitive rates with brick and mortar retailers…

ONE ROQ’s monthly Membership will allow the company to generate a rolling fund that the company will use to reduce the costs of products being sold by our network of retailers around the country. Those reduced costs are then passed onto Members like you (think Costco).  In fact, as we build membership, we think we will be able to create highly competitive delivered prices for online alcohol. Of course, funds generated from Member signs ups are also used to support value-added benefits such as our monthly content, events, hospitality & travel rewards, VIP ticketing, and more.

Offering III = Sales & Growth

With a finished platform now ready, Offering III puts into motion an opportunity to transition the company into its digital acquisition (sales) plan with the aim of generating a 6-8 figure sales within the next 12-18 months, if Offering III is robustly funded. Our digital marketing partner, Erin Athene of Mint CRO, and her firm has been engaged to lead this work. Excitingly, her firm is already generating multiple, million-dollar sales funnels for clients with brands of far less uniqueness (and smaller markets) than ONE ROQ, and this makes me very excited for our investors.


Proceeds in Offering III will also be used to support our live 90 day test launch across 115 stores with the State of Pennsylvania where 90% of inventory needs to sell through to advance to more stores in the State. Success in PA is very important to getting into more Control states where our Investors/Members cannot receive alcohol shipments by mail and have to rely on their local store systems.

Investors and Members can look up stores or order online here

Items related to Offering III to be aware of:

  • Due to new rules in Regulation Crowdfunding, we have chosen to transition our offering method from StartEngine (a public intermediary) to a Direct format via our own website and broker-dealer. We are doing this to enhance our brand/club experience, take control of our regulatory processes, and save money on hefty transaction fees being assessed by platforms like Startengine and WeFunder.
  • As noted, we have published Offering III under Reservation mode and $200k has been committed the first 7 days. We are awaiting our Form C to be filed in order for Investors to be able to close on their reservations. We currently anticipate 30-45 days from Dec 15, 2022 at present.
  • In tandem, Accredited Investors are permitted to make live investments that the company can collect on immediately and make use of to speed up the closings and start our work with Erin Athene.
  • Note, Investments made by Accredited investors do not supersede Investment Reservations made by non-Accredited Investors. A Reservation mode Investment, while Non-Binding, guarantees Non-Accredited investors the ability to close on their investments in the order they are made with the Company.

ROQs, there is a feeling in the air; an opportunity to be great again, and this time, go beyond.

We encourage you to Reserve your shares in Offering III to increase your stake, and consider activating your Investor rate Member Subscription for $16-18/ a month now.

Cheers – and chat soon,

Garrett Green

Founder & CEO

ONE ROQ Spirits

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