Embracing Change: Drizly’s Shutdown and the Future of DTC Alcohol


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January 22, 2024

Last week’s news about Uber shutting down Drizly, three years after its acquisition, has rippled through our industry. But rather than a cause for concern, this development presents an exciting opportunity for companies like ours in the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) alcohol market.

Uber’s decision to consolidate their platforms, integrating Drizly’s services into their core app, aligns with the strategic moves we often see in the dynamic tech world. It’s a calculated step, possibly premeditated, to streamline their services and capture a larger share of the growing e-commerce alcohol market. Such moves are characteristic of technology giants who continually evolve to maximize both share of market, and mind.

At ONE ROQ, we perceive this as a clear signal of the burgeoning potential of the DTC alcohol market. The closure of Drizly does not signify a dwindling market; rather, it underscores the competitive nature of this space and the immense value that it holds. For us, it translates to ‘one less competitor,’ simplifying our path for market presence.

What does this mean for the future of the DTC alcohol market and companies like ONE ROQ? It’s an unequivocal validation of the industry’s growth potential. The online alcohol market is not just surviving; it’s thriving, driven by consumer preferences for convenience, variety, and new, personalized shopping experiences…and with our highly distinct rewards offering, a way to turn indulgences into delicious investments.

The future of DTC alcohol in the ONE ROQ theme, as depicted by Chat GPT

Today, we stand at a pivotal point where market dynamics are shifting in favor of innovative, agile brands ready to seize the opportunity. At ONE ROQ, we are more committed than ever to lead this change. We are not just participating in the market; we are actively shaping it with our unique offerings and consumer-centric approach.

Let’s raise our glasses to a future filled with opportunity, growth, and innovation. The DTC alcohol market is ripe for the taking, and we are here to make it more equitable for billions of consumers.

Cheers to change,

Garrett Green

CEO, ONE ROQ Spirits Club

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