The ONE ROQ Club Announces Exciting Expansion of New Premium Membership Perks


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March 9, 2024

In a significant boost to the luxury experience of ONE ROQ’s innovative rewards platform, The ONE ROQ Club, and in collaboration with Select, a global rewards partner, we’re delighted to unveil a remarkable expansion to our premium rewards membership offerings. This enhancement not only solidifies ONE ROQ’s position as a unique entrant in the luxury goods and lifestyle domain but also broadens the horizons for its esteemed members, offering them unparalleled access to an array of exclusive benefits through their ever-more exclusive monthly program.

Global Expansion of Activities and Experiences

With the latest expansion, ONE ROQ Premium plan members can now enjoy preferred rates on over 7,000 unique experiences across 59 countries. This diverse range of activities includes luxurious cruises, enlightening museum tours, interactive cooking classes, exquisite wine tastings, adventurous hiking excursions, and much more, ensuring that every member finds something that resonates with their lifestyle.

This global enhancement complements the already impressive ONE ROQ Select Hotels program and other travel benefits, alongside global retail benefits, making the ONE ROQ Select entertainment benefits a comprehensive solution for travel and leisure needs across the globe.

Unmatched Membership and Concierge Services

ONE ROQ’s partnership with Select continues to focus on providing members with seamless access to benefits, regardless of their location. Despite concentrated onboarding efforts in regions with full benefits access, ONE ROQ’s membership reward coverage proudly spans all 50 US states and 11 countries, showcasing the universal appeal and accessibility of its premium offerings.

Select is celebrated as one of the most influential membership and concierge services worldwide, providing an array of national lifestyle, retail, and business benefits, in addition to global hotel and travel advantages. This makes Select an indispensable resource for those seeking a distinguished lifestyle, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

A Gateway to the Ultimate Travel Experience

The inclusion of over 7,000 experiences in destinations as varied as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, wine tours in Napa, hiking in Kauai, cruising in Miami, explorations in Tokyo, and adventures in the Greek isles, ensures that ONE ROQ members have access to an elite rewards club like no other.

This expansion is a testament to ONE ROQ and Select Innovations’ commitment to providing an all-encompassing travel experience that caters to both leisure and business travelers. With this natural extension of global hotel and travel benefits, members can now round out their ultimate travel experiences with ONE ROQ.

Looking Forward

ONE ROQ and Select Innovations are not stopping here. With an eye on further enriching their member experience, both entities are excited about the future and promise even more enhancements in the travel and lifestyle space. Members are encouraged to stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

For more information on how to take advantage of these exclusive benefits and to join the ONE ROQ Club for our exclusive Members-only rate, please visit: If you are an Investor with pre-authorized access to this upgrade, take this link to learn more or activate today.

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