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September 29, 2023

This release contains intentionally omitted information. A copy of the full release is available in the Reading Room ( to Investors.

In a recent groundbreaking development, ONE ROQ Club, the fan-owned liquor and digital rewards startup, convened with a company that could soon be taking the world of artificial intelligence by storm.

The potential partner is the world’s first AI capable of engaging in a specific kind of sales & marketing function. For example, it effortlessly handles a multitude of tasks, from answering customer inquiries and explaining services to placing orders, scheduling calls, sending links via text and email, and much more. Strikingly, it can recognize and naturally respond to a broad range of human emotions and has an uncanny ability to discuss a company’s products and services with unparalleled precision and focus, often surpassing that of a human.

“The potential implications of this kind of technology could be groundbreaking,” shares Heath Hettig, ONE ROQ CTO. “If even half of its claimed capabilities hold true, giants like Google and Facebook could be eager to incorporate this technology into their arsenal.”

The question that naturally arises is: Why does this kind of AI represent such a significant opportunity for growth? The answer is tastefully simple: Humans come at a cost to companies, eroding net margins and ultimately curbing profits and growth. Being able to leverage AI to reduce (not eliminate) the reliance on human manpower would boost sales and translate into greater profits, faster growth, and returns for investors.

Over the past 18 months, ONE ROQ Spirits has been closely monitoring the evolution of AI, consistently holding discussions on how this technology could be harnessed to drive more innovation to its service-based business model and unlock growth for Investors.

Here’s why we believe a partnership with this Ai is poised to drive potential substantial growth for ONE ROQ’s business model.

Achieving growth hinges on funding ad-driven Customer Acquisition where ONE ROQ finds drinkers digitally and brings them to our digital landing spaces (website or socials) to learn about the benefits of joining ONE ROQ Spirits and our Rewards Membership. Those interested are able to fill out an online form to request additional information. Here, our automated emails send digital resources to learn more about ONE ROQ, how to purchase, and join.

Now imagine our own fully trained Ai Attendant that would immediately call to thank you for your inquiry and engage in a life-like customer service call, field your questions, send sign up links directly to your email or phone. Or perhaps as an existing Member, you wanted to place an order direct by phone and ensure a specific delivery date and personalized gift note. All of this could never be done previously without one human for every caller. With this Ai, thousands of these calls can take place at the exact same moment, multiplying sales outcomes.

Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, we’re providing a demo of this Ai if you are one of our Investors. Once you have a chance to observe and even schedule your own call, you should immediately see the potential of putting this tech to work in our business model, and why it could create a dramatic upturn in growth for our company.


Perhaps you’re asking why this AI is reaching out to ONE ROQ and not Grey Goose or Titos? The answer is Titos or Grey Goose do not have our business model. They do not offer a Membership that delivers their products direct, a suite of value-added rewards, or an investment opportunity for their customers. They, like the rest of the industry, have built their brands on an old-world model relying on retailers and distributors and where ownership is held close to the chest by their founders.

This Ai company sees an opportunity with ONE ROQ to do something that has never been done; to build share of the staggering $750B at-home alcohol market through a fully automated and engineered business model.

This technology has even gone as far as to project sales improvements for ONE ROQ that according to their models, would cut our current timeline to targets in half… if we were to integrate their AI system with the proven funnel scaling methods of Mint CRO.

Demo the Ai.

To get a glimpse of this Ai’s extraordinary capabilities that have already caught the attention of tech giants like Google with a captivating demo now available to Investors in the Reading Room.

The future of digital wine and spirits is evolving rapidly, and this proposed partnership may present ONE ROQ an opportunity to become an uncontested leader in this emerging market.

If you are interested in participating in an upcoming pilot as an Investor, please email us at: or book a call at:

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