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April 11, 2023

The prospect of being able to deliver tangible financial returns to our investors has us excited. With blue chip marketing partners ready to implement the plan that could begin unlocking multiple, high-value sales funnels for the Company, our ambitions to build the market’s first consumer owned and web-enabled luxury brand may finally be knocking.

Yes, it’s taken some time to get here (we promise we didn’t foresee a global pandemic or economic fallout as part of our startup plans), but with two feet underneath us, and an army of ROQs, we are ready to fly higher.

Offering 3 finally live and able to accept Investments and we are ready to lead you into a $500B annual alcohol opportunity.

To support the journey -and strengthen your position – Join Offering 3 now (Existing Investors: click “Investor Login” located at the upper right corner of the new Offering page to reinvest.)

Alas, here are our Trailing Investor Updates at the Club from Jan to March:

KoreConX Replaces Start Engine For Future Investments – Investor Shares Begin Transfer

If you are an investor in ONE ROQ, be on the lookout for an email from Danielle Higgins from KoreConX as they move your shares over to your new Investment account. This email contains instructions for registering your account. If you have not yet registered a KoreConX account, you can go to ONE ROQ’s offering page at and click “Investor Login” at the upper right of the screen, and then click “Register Now.” Note, If investing for the first time, you can invest through the Offering page’s “Invest” button. To reinvest in ONE ROQ Spirits, we recommend logging in to your Investor account by clicking “Investor Login” on the Offering page.

Two New Strategic Thrusts Are Published

The market has changed, thanks to Covid and we are dialing in on an area of our business that is ripe for growth. As a start up, ONE ROQ is also transitioning out of development to its formal sales acquisition plan, and we’ve brought on board heavy hitters in the digital space with a proven track record of scaling multi-million dollar sales funnels for web-enabled brands! If you haven’t read about our intended plans, check out Strategic Thrusts now in the Reading Room.

Breaking. Silicon Valley Bank Goes Bust – A Note to Shareholders From CEO

“As a start up with Investors across the world, we want to share that ONE ROQ Spirits will not be affected by the shutdown of SVB…” See official statement in the Reading Room.

New Product Launch Abound. Exclusive and Highly Anticipated New Flavor, Pineapple Peach Receives Final Formula Approval at the TTB with Expectations to Launch for Summer

Investments in Offering 3 help us to bring this launch to fruition for Members.

In The Media. ONE ROQ Club published by

Celebrity owned, or “You-owned.” LA Wire picks up our latest news and summarizes the benefits of ONE ROQ Membership with quotes from Team members. Direct link here, and a copy provided in Reading Room.

News. The “Top 10 Spirit Acquisitions,” published by Spirit Industry News

Brand and Portfolio acquisitions of the last decade continue to substantiate the immense opportunity at stake for ONE ROQ Investors. Read this article in Reading Room.

In The Media. ONE ROQ Founder/CEO was honored by

Startups are grueling with the weight of thousands on the back of small management teams commanded by their CEOs. CEO Weekly covered our CEO in his commitment to ONE ROQ shareholders. Direct link to the article and a copy in the Reading Room.

ONE ROQ Bottle Carrier Shortages

A half container of ONE ROQ Gift Tubes are waiting for dock pick up. Help us move and replenish these essential materials with our retailers by Investing in Offering 3.

2022 Tax Obligations for Investors

Investors have no financial reporting responsibilities for the 2022 tax year. For more information, read our Official notice in the Reading Room.

Unboxing Enhancements

Gifted Bottles now come with a ONE ROQ branded gift card that allows recipients to learn more about Membership by scanning the QR code.

Marketplace Beta

Marketplace currently has a 4 out of 5 star reports from users, but we need more of our Investors to trial the system. Check out Marketplace now to send a gift, and use our Feedback form supplied after checkout.

New 7 Day Membership Trial To Be Introduced

The trial Membership will allow prospective new Members to test-drive Club Benefits before they commit to our monthly Membership unlocking savings on thousands of popular – and rare – wine & spirits, fine dining & travel rewards, and more.

First Digital Sales Asset Unlocked in Pennsylvania Launch. Digital Strategy Begins.

Our first digital asset unlocks in Pennsylvania, an opportunity to scale our first high-value sales funnel. Read more. PA Members: Find ONE ROQ in PA or Buy Online here.

Tasteful Gifts Go Far

Gifted Alcohol is BIG business which is why we make sending gifts with personalized notes quick and convenient through Marketplace.

Note, If you created a gift recipient address book with 1-877 before our launch of Marketplace, you can now gift the same way by clicking the “Gift” option during check out where each new address is stored for potential future use. We are currently looking into transferring addresses previously used at 1877.

2022/2023 Live Investor Call

Be on the look out for details for an upcoming Investor call that will recap 2022, the key thrusts of Offering 3, and our goals in the year ahead.

“I’m an Investor. What Can I do to help the Company?”

With 5,000 Investors, there are three things every Investor can do that would make the WORLD of difference for us, and for you as a Shareholder. In fact, these three things would help generate monthly cash flow that would increase stock price, enhance our products and services and enable us to get off the ground so we can deliver those returns we all want.

1. Invest often (shares won’t last forever and your investments fund important initiatives that allow us to build company value)

2. Become a Paid Rewards Member (this will help us deliver and sustain deeper and more frequent wine & spirits deals, as well as enhances how well we deliver our overall amenities. Plus, you get an exclusive rate as an Investor).

3. Try the Select Upgrade ( ONE ROQ Members get a preferred rate available nowhere else to this premium fine dining, travel and entertainment rewards partner). Check them out.

4. Gift and Enjoy our Spirits

Continuous Improvement

What can we do better? Tell us at:

Offering 3 enables the critical next stage in our business plan: building our sales and defining an exit plan for investors. Investing also allows you to increase your stake with a low minimum investment (something we can’t guarantee will always be available). Finally, Investing also immediately drives company value, the metric that makes your shares rise in value.

Are you ready? Invest Now. (Existing Investors: click “Investor Login” located at the upper right corner of the new Offering page to reinvest.)

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