ONE ROQ Bets Big With New Tech Investment – Bloomberg


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December 6, 2022

Luxury Alcohol Startup, ONE ROQ Spirits, Announces Completion of Hi-Tech Online Marketplace

Today, ONE ROQ’s announcement of Marketplace (tech) completion hits airways on BloombergYahooFinance and Business Insider, highlighting the major developmental milestone for Investors in ONE ROQ Spirits.

Disclaimer: Marketplace is part of a broader strategy of the company to build online sales of ONE ROQ products and value as a destination for exclusive alcohol shopping & gifting. The completion of Marketplace represents the completion of a product; and a strategic vehicle to market company products. In order to materialize value of the product, and value for investors, the company must now be enabled to market / advertise its products and platform. This is the sole purpose of Offering III. 

To power the plan and opportunity, Invest at:

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