ONE ROQ Hits 115 ABC Liquor Stores In Pennsylvania


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November 7, 2022

The Pandemic has caused delays in programming across the industry, but  today, we are thrilled to announce that our launch with the State of Pennsylvania has finally commenced. ONE ROQ is now available at over 115 intial state liquor stores and ready for enjoyment and gift-giving.

If you are located in Pennsylvania, you can find a store carrying ONE ROQ by logging in to your ONE ROQ Account via app or desktop application and select the “Store Locator” tool in your dashboard or drop down menu. 

A 90-day test with the State of Pennsylvania has begun and will require 90% of ONE ROQ stock to be sold through in order to advance into more stores and higher volumes of orders with the State.

Naturally, we encourage you, our  Investors, Members and fans, to visit your local stores and consider ONE ROQ for your holiday and party season this year. 

This holiday, enjoy and share The ROQ. 


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