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December 5, 2022

ONE ROQ Publishes Advisory Board Through Offering III to Aid Key Transitions.
 – Offering III  Testing of Waters goes underway last Thursday night with over $180k Reserved in our first 4 Days.
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As we gear up to launch a concerted and predictable growth strategy in 2023 (powered by our investors in Offering III), we are pleased to announced we are bringing together leaders across the beverage, entertainment, technology and digital marketing landscapes to serve on our newly formed Advisory Board. Today, we’re pleased to introduce our Board of Advisors which include Team Members, Business Partners, and Investors in ONE ROQ Spirits.

Heath Hettig, CTO
Shareholder and Tech Employee to ONE ROQ Spirits
Heath, known as the “Woz of ONE ROQ,” is the Company’s Chief technology officer and lead software engineer. The hands behind every function, command, process and user experience through ONE ROQ’s unique digital membership club. Heath will provide a steering post as we discuss the complexities – and value – of technology as a important value driver in ONE ROQ’s business. 

Erin Ethene
CEO of Mint CRO
Digital Marketing & Communication Partner  to ONE ROQ Spirits

Erin co-founded her first $20 million tech company in 17 months, and has consulted for firms that include Ernst & Young, SAP, Merck and more. She is now the co-founder of Mint C.R.O., a fast-growing digital services company deploying a hyper-agile growth methodology for DTC brands. Erin and ONE ROQ have teamed up to leverage the Mint-CRO framework which will be implemented to scale ONE ROQ’s digital growth. Mint-CRO is currently generating multiple, multi-million dollar sales funnels for online brands. 

Rob Dimmer
CEO of Mr Smith Agency

Marketing & Communications Advisor to ONE ROQ Spirits
Mr Dimmer / Mr Smith first joined ONE ROQ Spirits as the agency of record in 2019, providing the company extensive visual communications support from 2019 to 2021. Rob & his team continue to be a valued asset to ONE ROQ’s current and future marketing initiatives. Rob was invited to join ONE ROQ’s Board in 2022.

Bob Petrone
Former CEO of Empire Distributors, TN
Investor & Business Advisor to ONE ROQ

Mr Petrone is the Former CEO of Empire Distributors, TN – formerly B&T Distributing Co., one of the Nations most successful Beverage Distributorships. He is an experienced CEO and Founding Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the Wholesale industry. A strong entrepreneur and business leader skilled in Event Planning, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy, and Event Management within the Wine & Spirits industry. 

Domenick Petralia
Co-Founder of Lost Farmer Brewing
Investor and Business Advisor to ONE ROQ

Mr Petralia is a seasoned, industry entreprenuer  bringing a wide breadth of experience and expertise to sales, creative, strategic planning, marketing, and operational functions. 

Sonny Antonio
CEO of Sunshine Design

Investor and Business Advisor to ONE ROQ Spirits

Mr Antonio is an experienced Founder, executive and entrepreneur as Founder & CEO of one of California’s leading utilities & design firm. Affectionately known as “Sonny,” he is also a highly active angel investor in the Fairfield, CA area, and a fulltime brand ambassador for ONE ROQ Spirits as a regular sponsor and participant at several of the country’s best celebrity golf tournaments. Mr Antonio, through his firm Sunshine Design, is also a Sponsor of Harrison Endycott on the PGA Tour, and a NCIA Member and Board Member, and NAHB Member.

Joseph Lizyness
Author, Angel Investor
Investor and Business Advisor to ONE ROQ

Mr Lizyness is an accomplished Author, and Business Management Consultant for the US Government; as well as an Active Angel Investor in several Reg CF/A+ Offerings, crypto and Web 3 projects. Joseph Lizyness joined ONE ROQ in 2018 becoming a early and valued investor and advisor to the ONE ROQ Team. 

Cristina Tacettin
Compliance Analyst for Rockefeller Capital Management.
Investor and Business Advisor to ONE ROQ Spirits

Ms. Tacettin is a compliance analyst for Rockefeller Capital Management, a leading independent, privately-owned financial advisory firm encompassing wealth management, asset management, and strategic advisory services for ultra- and high-net-worth individuals, families, businesses, and institutions.

Michael Mitama
CEO of Theta432 Cybersecurity
Investor & Cyber Security Advisor

Mr Mitama is an avid Cybersecurity specialist to enterprise organizations, including Cyber Defense, Web Application, real-time threat emulation, cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability management, cyber security awareness, training, and more. His company has been referenced in the book and conference, “ICCWS 2022 17th International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security” for their excellence and deep knowledge in the Cyber Warfare and Cybersecurity domain.

Patrick Whitney
CEO of American Luxury Limited
Investor and Marketing Advisor to ONE ROQ
Patrick is a demonstrated professional and entrepreneur within the music and combat entertainment industries. He is the Founder & CEO of fragrance brand, American Luxury Limited, and the sports entertainment podcast, the Main Event Zone. Patrick has been a valued investor and frequent contributor to ONE ROQ’s marketing programs since 2019.

John Mulvey
Wine & Spirits Industry Wholesale Consultant
John is a highly demonstrated sales professional with a 35-year track record in driving successful brand introductions and market sales for top supplier brands within the US adult beverage industry including Bacardi, Kautz Family Wines and Imperial Brands/Sobieski Vodka. John will be overseeing our distributor development and market implementation plans for Texas and the Southern, Mid-west of the United States.

Offering III is LIVE
 – Offering III  Testing of Waters goes underway last Thursday night with over $180k Reserved in our first 4 Days.
– Join the Reservations list now. Reserve Shares Here

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