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May 20, 2023

Investors around the world are looking for hidden gems in this down economy. We believe the “recession-proof” market of alcohol is an obvious sector of opportunity, and in particular, ONE ROQ Spirits due to our award-winning portfolio, and highly differentiated DTC business model that we believe is ready to deliver an exciting growth plan in the coming months, if Investors rally.

In our Report we discuss the headwinds & breakthroughs of 2022 in Part 1;  our fully developed  – and ready – Competitive Strategy in Part 2; Data underscoring our Opportunity in Part 3; and in Part 4,  the Key Thrusts (and 2-Steps) that would allow Investors to capitalize on what would launch our final phase we believe will materialize the value of our stock, and create a viable path to an exit event for Investors.  This 2-Step Plan is shared on page 57 and we hope you engage, today.

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On Wednesday, the ONE ROQ Advisory team met for a 2-hour presentation recapping the high points of our Report. During the meeting, Erin Athene (Sales Acquisition Partner) presented on her company’s proven methodology of engineering online sales growth, and Shawn Z from the world-renowned creative house, Harmon Brothers, pitched the Team concepts for a new viral video asset.

We look forward to sending out a video copy of the meeting soon so you can digest the key takeaways and register for our coming Town Hall with Garrett and the team!

For questions, email contact@ONEROQClub.com or live chat with us now at ONEROQClub.com

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