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February 22, 2023

In this post, we talk about our Key Thrusts and why now is an important time to Invest In Them

Important Note For Investors

If you are an Investor who placed an Investment reservation during December 1 and February 1, you can now finalize your investment through our new checkout API powered by KoreConX. To finalize your investment, go to the Offering Page and click the Invest button, enter your reservation amount (or a new amount), and follow the SEC-required Steps to complete check out. 

Increasing Your Stake In ONE ROQ Round 3?

Our new funding round is aimed at immediately funding marketing initiatives that will transition the Company from development-stage to its revenue-acquisition plan, which we think could begin positioning the Company for a potential windfall in the near future. The below talks about how we’re going to do it.

Before we start, some of you may think there has been considerable time getting our technology, supply chain and marketing strategy prepared. You would be right. Also, the Company has had endure some pretty intense industry effects from Covid – including abrupt global glass supply shortages, and a massive slow down in administrative speed across all sectors in 2022. 

Thanks to the dogged work of Heath Hettig, David Bonk, and our Founder, Garrett Green, we were able to make the best use of time and resources last year, and we are now inches away from initiating the plan to generate our long-awaited inflection point.

Creating Success is particularly hard in alcohol due to the federally regulated distribution system.  We have built a model that is ready to leapfrog it (legally).

In virtually all other circumstances involving beverage-alcohol companies, brand success is beholden not only to the strategy and managers of the Company, but equally to their distribution and retail partners who – legally – must share in the marketing & sales responsibilities of their brands.

This is a traditional – and dominant – retail distribution model that brings considerable risk and uncertainty to the prospect of success for new brand entrants because distributors and retailers have thousands of other brand obligations every minute of the day and cannot devote the time and attention to just one brand.  And even when the brand is sold onto the shelf, who is going to sell it from the shelf to the consumer, communicating that brand’s unique story or value proposition? Retail clerks & bartenders, right? What’s their incentive to do so?

The key to consumer brand success of any kind is having a good product with a clear message where Companies can control the selling & marketing process end-to-end, taking control over produce messaging and relationship building with customers – period.   The most efficacious means to accomplish this is online.

That is why we at ONE ROQ have been OBSESSED with developing, testing, and refining an array of ideas with ONE ROQ and our Membership platform over the last two years. Because ultimately, our goal is to introduce people to a brand that is not just a delicious vodka and pretty bottle proudly made in America, but an immersive lifestyle platform that delivers hidden gems that make you want to come back for more.

How do online businesses work? One word: Funnels

Online businesses live and die by these things called funnels. Funnels refer to when you see an ad on social media or a google search page that catches your eye or says something that speaks to you. You click it and it takes you to a new product or compelling offer. This is how most brands and businesses are discovered online in the modern world – and they are actually remarkable inventions. 

In fact, a well-dialed funnel can generate hundreds of millions of dollars (PROFITABLY) for a company, depending on what they are offering, the size of their addressable market, and most importantly, their advertising budget (provided by early investors). 

Just check out tooth whitening brand, Snow, which achieved $100M in sales and 10M customers in 3 years from the launch date of their digital ad campaign.

Or, direct-ship razor company Dollar Shave Club that generated $150M in 4 years from the launch date of its digital ad campaign – which went on to become acquired for $1B a year later. Btw,  a single online video unlocked this brand’s success.

Notably, the global oral care and razer blade market was sized at $50b in 2021 and $4b in 2022 respectively.  

For reference, Global Alcohol was sized at $1.4 Trillion in 2021 with over 50% of the volume comprising alcohol consumed at home.  That is to say, Alcohol is a market that is OVER 10 times larger than the oral care market, and over 100x larger than the razer blade market. (Insert gazing eyes emoji.) 

This brings us to THRUST 1

The launch of the ONE ROQ’s  Digital Ad Campaign, aimed at unlocking our first 7,8 and 9 figure sales funnel, and a windfall for Investors.

We scoured the market to find and partner with a very special group of digital marketing professionals. Professionals that are already successfully operating a successful track record with multiple, million-dollar sales funnels for clients.

MintCRO Conversion team are engineering masters that have developed a unique digital conversion methodology that has been proven to extract up to 25X more conversion value than average industry benchmarks. Mint is aimed at unlocking ONE ROQ’s conversion strategy in as little as 2 months, and we are chomping to get into the work. Get ready to talk more about funnels as we gain more traction in Offering III.

How Mint stacks up against industry Benchmarks:



With proven funnel builders at the helm, it will be our responsibility to supply world-class creative assets that deliver on the standards of the ONE ROQ brand.

Development and launch of a high-performance video asset, co-produced by one of the best creative houses in the game is Thrust 2. 

Nike, Pepsi, Apple, Dove, Heineken, Dos Equis, Dollar Shave Club, Old Spice, and more, have cut through the noise by delivering their iconic messaging through the power of film.

We are excited to announce that we have officially partnered with producers from one of the most successful online video production houses in the US. 

A house that has been the driving force behind multiple online video campaign sensations that have generated over $700M in sales for brands, and billions of online views.

The production house is none other than Harmon Brothers, and we are pleased to announce a partnership with some of their brightest producing talent through an independent studio collaboration called Group Project.

In fact, scripts have already been pitched to the ONE ROQ Team and we can’t wait to share them in an Investor Call coming soon. 

In the meantime, you can invest in these Thrusts by heading to Offering III Live

Questions? Email us at contact@oneroqclub.com


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